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  • Who is in charge of your education?

    Many adults quit learning after school.  Whether it was high school or college, the average adult doesn’t learn much between graduation and death.  Don’t be like that!  You are in charge of your education. Life is a GIANT school!  Learn from it.  Choose something to learn TODAY and buy a book, or sign up for a class!!

    Who is in charge of your education?
  • Read a Book

    The average adult reads less than 1 book per year.  The average CEO reads 50 books per year.  Do I have to mention the income differences?  Pick up a book and read it; it will be worth your time!  And make sure it will teach you something.  Don’t waste your time on the trash!

    Read a Book
  • What do you want to learn?

    Do you want to learn some skill or gain an understanding?  Then commit to teach a class on it.  Doing so will force you to learn it, learn it well.  Then it will be cemented into who you are because the one who learns the most is not the student, but the teacher.

    What do you want to learn?

Your refreshing new approach to Real Estate ...by allowing us to grow and mature as a team.  We draw strength from each other without big brother looking down and telling us its inappropriate to learn from each other.–Erin B.

Your coaching keeps me motivated and provides the tools to succeed and stay organized. Thank you.–Karen S.

Dean's Coaching class for us was a jump start to a business which was slowing down fast. We did not realize how far behind we really were. We did recognize that most buyers are on the internet and come across their first real estate agent online, but we just didn't know where to start. Dean's coaching class was like medic treatment our business desperately needed.–Richard and Alicia K.

Your class was the best training I have ever had. I was able to use everything you taught us instantly. Our team has grown 100% in sales and we attribute it to your class.–Brenda K.

The training you provided me over the past few years has been completely priceless. I owe much of my business success to you. You helped me approach my real estate career as a business. Thanks a million, literally.–Yalda A.

Dean encapsulates the power of "The Secret". His message, communicated with his memorable style, gives usable tools and increased motivation to accomplish whatever can be visualized. I feel honored to have had his coaching.–Marcia J.

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